University Tax Compliance

University Tax Compliance is responsible for managing the federal, state and international tax compliance for President and Fellows of Harvard College ("Harvard University") and its related entities. It acts as a resource to the University for tax issues. It also monitors legislative tax developments to assess their impact on the University and its related entities. 

University Tax Compliance consists of Tax Reporting, Tax Operations, Payroll Tax, and International Tax, with each of the subgroups responsible for the following subjects. 

Tax Reporting

  • Form 990, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax 
  • Form 990-T, Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return 
  • States exempt organization income tax returns

For questions relating to Tax Reporting please contact:
Cassie Yeancades, Tax Reporting Manager
Ryan Antonucci, Senior Tax Analyst, Reporting  

Tax Operations

  • Sales Tax filing and collection for Sales, Meals and Services Tax 
  • Copies of IRS 501(c)(3) Determination Letter 
  • Massachusetts Certificate of Good Standing 
  • Tax Related Questions: for example Performers Tax, Payroll Taxes and the tax component of Travel expenses, Gifts and Tuition

For questions relating to Tax Operations please contact: 
Steven Shaw, Senior Tax Manager, Operations
Maria van den Bosch, Tax Operations Analyst 

International Tax

  • Corporate and University signatory Foreign Bank Account Report (FBAR) 
  • Country by Country Reporting requirement (CbCR)  Payroll Tax

For questions relating to International Tax please contact:
Yvan Kywala Maniraguha, Lead Tax Specialist 

Payroll Tax Payments

  • Federal and State Withholding Tax Payments and Filings
  • 1042s Tax Payments and Filings

For questions relating to Payroll Tax Payments please contact: 
Mark Lefebvre, Payroll Tax Accountant